Seed Money

Panimalar Engineering College seed grant is a funding initiative that has been fostered to encourage faculty to pursue competitive research in current happening areas of national and international importance. Research is the navigator of the flagship of knowledge which delivers a new energy, fabricates state-of-the-art facilities, encourages publications and promotes innovation amongst faculty members.


• To encourage the faculty members to propagate their innovative ideas through Seed Proposals, which can be further translated in to major research projects and submitted to the external agencies for funding.

• To promote inter-faculty collaboration in emerging areas.

• To promote generation of Intellectual Property rights (IPR) and Product/Process development as per to the new impending technologies.


• Faculty members having a Ph.D. degree or pursuing Ph.D. are eligible to apply as Principal Investigator (PI) for the Seed Money Grant.

• The PI at the time of submission of application shall not have a running project funded by the seed-funding scheme in which he or she is the PI.

• At any time, a PI can submit only one application. However, he/she can be a Co- Investigator in more than one proposal.

• The provision of seed money grant is for a maximum period of two years. In case of any delay in the projects, it is expected from PIs/Co-PI to take the extension of the project from Research Co-ordinator accordingly.

• Normally, a grant up to Rs 2 Lakhs may be rewarded based on the merit of the proposal and decision of the Dean Research. However, there should be no such ceiling for cutting edge research & development work based on its necessity and availability of funds.

• The PI of the project can associate a team of UG/PG students and he/she is responsible for the conduct of the research in accordance with the institute research policy.

• The PI should submit a progress report every six months in the prescribed format for evaluation by the committee and in case, if it is found that adequate progress is not made, further funding will not be released.

• The PI should submit a completion of project report, statement of expenditure and utilization certificate on the completion of the project.

• In case PI leaves the institute before the completion of project, a Co-Investigator from will assume responsibility as PI.

• Research Co-ordinator should review and monitor the progress of the sanctioned project periodically and submit the report to the management.

• After completion of the seed project, the final report must be prepared as per the prescribed format and submitted to the office of Research Co-ordinator for record purpose.


• If sanctioned, the applicant should be able to carry out the project on their own and not outsource it.

• All research done on Seed-Money project will be carried out within the premises, and faculty and students should obtain prior permission from the Head of the Institution to work outside the premises.

• The proposal should be based on the applicant's own original ideas, and should not be based on work or assignments given to others or mandated for students.

• While researchers are encouraged to extend the project to their Ph.D., they should not take their Ph.D. as a part of it for the seed-money project.

• It is advisable to show your proposals to research and development team and get critical feedback for novelty, quality, relevance, ethical considerations, impressive and formal presentation before submission.



S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Dept Title Sanctioned Amount
1 Dr. K.Jayashree Professor Artificial Intelligence and Data Science 3D Printer Rs. 29,500/-


S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Dept Title Sanctioned Amount
1 Dr. S.Selvi
Dr. S.Deepa
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Autonomous E-vehicle Rs. 2,00,000/-
2 Dr. K.Sridharan
Dr. B.Bhuvaneswari
Dr. M.Sumithra
Information Technology Smart wearables for cancer prevention Rs. 2,00,000/-
3 Dr. K.Jayashree Professor Artificial Intelligence and Data Science RFID based Lab Automation Rs. 51,030/-
4 Dr. A.Venkatesan
Dr. K.Pradeesswari
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Physics Investigation on the electrochemical performance of heteroatoms (N, S, B and P) - rGO influenced 2D hierarchical nano structured mixed metal oxides (M,N,O) for hybrid super capacitors applications Rs. 2,00,000/-
5 Dr. S.Balaji
Dr. P.J.Sathishkumar
Computer Science and Engineering An electrochemical sensor integrated with an Internet of Things-based Lab and Machine Learning approach to provide a rapid diagnosis method for COVID-19. Rs. 2,00,000/-

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