Computer Science and Engineering Research Centre - ICON –Intelligent systems and Computer Networking

Research Environment

PEC’s research laboratory, with the state of the art technology, creates an ambient and pulsating environment for innovative and proactive research. Research is being carried out by individual research groups and interdisciplinary project teams and capable of managing large scale assignments.
The conglomerate of high level researchers creates a great opportunity for need based collaboration. The vibrant research environment, aided by dynamic research administration, gives thrust for creative ideas and prepares the young researchers to delve into their areas of interest.

Faculty & Research

The teaching faculty is given absolute freedom to involve in newer and result oriented research and disseminate their knowledge to aspiring researchers. The faculty is encouraged to publish their findings and articles in peer reviewed research journals.
The fruitful discussion and meaningful interaction with the young research group benefit the faculty to enhance their knowledge and their capability to carry out challenging research. The dedicated faculty and researchers forms the fulcrum of successful research at PEC.

Students & Research

PEC inculcates knowledge based learning to the students to hone their thinking abilities and skill sets and prepare them for higher research. PEC provides excellent infrastructure facilities and world class education which enables the students to participate in quality research and make them adapt to emerging opportunities for new technologies.

Major Research Area

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things(IoT) represents a vision in which the Internet extends into a real world embracing everyday objects. The Physical items are no longer disconnected from the virtual world, but they can be controlled remotely and also serve as physical access points to Internet services.

Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

The advancements in digital technologies had led to the abundance of Image datasets, various Image processing techniques to understand and deal with complex problems and challenges in adverse conditions in the image acquisition process, occlusion, objects with complicate shapes, with topological variations or undergoing complex motions.

Machine Learning Techniques

With the emergence of new computing technologies, machine learning today is not like machine learning of the past. It was born from pattern recognition and the theory that computers can learn without being programmed to perform specific tasks; researchers interested in artificial intelligence wanted to see if computers could learn from data.

Network Security

With the as worldwide systems extend the interconnection of universal information network, the smooth activity of communication and computing arrangements becomes vital. However, repeating attacks as virus and worm assaults and the achievement of criminal assailants delineate the shortcoming in current data advances and the need to give increased security in the network.

Big Data

Big Data refers to all the data that is being generated across the globe at an unprecedented rate. This data could be either structured or unstructured. The tools used to store and analyze Big Data are Hadoop, Hive, HBase, Sqoop, Pig etc.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has provided Big Data with a way to store and retrieve massive amount of information. It has evolved from personal cloud storage to entire organizations moving all of their data to the cloud. In the research market, cloud simulators…


Robots are becoming an important fixture in our day-to-day life and also becoming a revolutionary based on innovative technologies. It is a platform in which the students are engaged in ground-breaking work in mechanism design, sensors, computer vision…

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