Research Overview

Research Environment

PEC’s research laboratory, with the state of the art technology, creates an ambient and pulsating environment for innovative and proactive research. Research is being carried out by individual research groups and interdisciplinary project teams and capable of managing large scale assignments.

The conglomerate of high level researchers creates a great opportunity for need based collaboration. The vibrant research environment, aided by dynamic research administration, gives thrust for creative ideas and prepares the young researchers to delve into their areas of interest.

Faculty & Research

The teaching faculty is given absolute freedom to involve in newer and result oriented research and disseminate their knowledge to aspiring researchers. The faculty is encouraged to publish their findings and articles in peer reviewed research journals.

The fruitful discussion and meaningful interaction with the young research group benefit the faculty to enhance their knowledge and their capability to carry out challenging research. The dedicated faculty and researchers forms the fulcrum of successful research at PEC.

Students & Research

PEC inculcates knowledge based learning to the students to hone their thinking abilities and skill sets and prepare them for higher research. PEC provides excellent infrastructure facilities and world class education which enables the students to participate in quality research and make them adapt to emerging opportunities for new technologies.